The Km/h website is intended to provide solutions to visitors that have questions and face problems in areas related to vehicles and means of transportation of all types.

Vehicle maintenance is a complicated and sometimes even a frustrating task: A dashboard orange lamp turns on, and you don't understand what it means; You want to save money, and your vehicle consumes huge quantities of fuel; You are interested in a new motor scooter, but you get lost among the great variety of models; The mechanic talks about the problem, but his words are beyond understanding; and everything always involves significant expenses.

The Km/h website was established especially for nonprofessional audiences, lacking the broad knowledge in vehicles and transportation. The main purpose of the website is to provide each one of you with the knowledge and tools that will assist you with making better decisions when facing problems or having questions about vehicles.
מאמרים ותוכן עדכני הנוגע לכלל כלי התחבורה
Articles and up-to-date vehicle-related content
טיפים לחיסכון בהוצאות על הרכב
Tips to save money on your car expenses
מידע טכני לפתרון תקלות קלות בכלי הרכב שלכם
Technical information for troubleshooting of minor glitches in your vehicle
סרטוני הדרכה לתפעול נכון של תקלות פשוטות ברכב
Guide videos on how to troubleshoot minor car glitches