If you suddenly stumble upon a legal issue, Mishpati is your address. Since 2009, the website hosts discussions on legal subjects of interest to the broader public, which touch upon what happens in our lives.

In our website, you will find thousands of articles, guides, opinion pieces and videos about diverse daily updated legal areas. In addition, leading lawyers are at you disposal at 170 legal forums. In addition, you will find the largest and most reliable up-to-date repository of lawyers and specialists.

3000 מדריכים משפטיים בגובה העיניים
3,000 legal guides
at eye level
Online Scheduling - קביעת פגישות ביומן עם עורכי דין
Online Scheduling - Scheduling meetings with lawyers on log books
130 פורומי דיון מקצועיים בנושאי משפט וזכויות
130 professional discussion forums on legal matters and
משפטי VOD - למעלה מ- 100 שאלות ותשובות משפטיות בוידאו
Mishpati VOD - More than 100 legal Q&A video