Shavuz is a website that gives soldiers answers to all of their questions, from the enlistment stages until the discharge. The website contains comprehensive information for recruits (recruitment dates, qualifications, roles, preference questionnaire, combat fitness, elite units), regular service soldiers (performances for soldiers, city officer issues), and for discharged soldiers as well (Preferential employment for discharged soldiers, personal bank deposit, discharge grant). Shavuz contains useful tools for soldiers, such as "Who will be recruited with me?", personal bank deposit calculator, list of equipment for the recruit training period and forums.
מתגייסים - הכנה לצו ראשון, קורסי הכנה לצה"ל, מיונים, תפקידים
Recruits - Preparation for the first draft order, preparation courses before recruitment to the IDF, classifications and roles
חיילים - משכורת צבאית, חופשות, הופעות וארועים
Soldiers - military salary, leaves, performances and events
משתחררים – פיקדון, עבודה מועדפת, לימודים
Discharged soldiers - personal bank deposit, preferential employment and studies